Redesigning my life…..
The Christmas break of 2016 felt Like I was closing a chapter. My last day had been a huge mix of emotions, but anchored in certainty of my decision. My farewells weren’t goodbye but a ‘see you soon’ and I had a new confidence and boost of energy of my impact there, my achievements and what I really was capable at my next role… whenever or wherever that might be! 

The new year felt exhilarating. With endless options of what to do for the year and avoiding the post-break come down my friends were going through returning to work, it was time to get started. 2017 life redesign. Sam 2.0 as some were saying. 

It was time to start answering; “what do I want my life to look like?” and “who do I want to be?”. 

Not easy questions really, but I started with a framework (I like structure!) to split things out and get really focused. I had previously read The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen, and I love the seven principles from the book and how he breaks down key areas of your life to apply them. I really identified with the concept of breaking old behaviours and creating new daily habits that compound into whatever results you are looking for. This really appealed to me because I can be disciplined and work hard, I just need direction on what to focus on. When you are on a self discovery journey, and you start googling self development with thousands of promised instant results and short cuts, deflecting those impossibilities with the Slight Edge mindset means you are committing to yourself that it won’t be easy, it will take time but it’s worth it. A better you and a better life is worth it right? 

I felt each area needed reflection on where I was and a vision of where I wanted to be. From there I would create a goal and start working towards achieving it. In order of where I put my focus, I have been working on:


Personal development






As I write this thinking about my first post, and how emotional and confronting it was to put those feelings out there, this one feels almost emotionless and pragmatic. I have laughed at myself that I am project managing my life at the moment, but without a starting point or a bit of structure, figuring out what to change and how is very overwhelming. I think what happened, from the end of 2016 to the start of 2017, that intense clarity of “things have to change” went way beyond motivating – it became a requirement. I was no longer motivated to change my life – it had to happen. I was going to make it happen, and I am making it happen. If you’re on a similar journey you will know when that happens. 

I invite you to read The Slight Edge, it certainly has changed my life. I also invite you to continue to learn how I used it to change the areas above. They are a journey in themselves, all continuing at present. 

While I had time off Jan to mid March to explore these areas, I appreciate this option might not be available to everyone going through something similar. It wasn’t how I had planned it either. I’m certainly not advocating people leave their jobs but it has been so immensely valuable. Truly giving myself the space and freedom away from pressures and challenges meant I really was surrendering to the experience of redesigning my life. 


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